Logging a blank paycheck will return a 9146 error on file   #PYX.  The most common cause of these circumstances is when a user receives the message 'bank has checks to log', often they will automatically try to log a run without verifying the message.


Rebuild the PYX file:

  1. Make sure all Payroll users are logged out.
  2. In Classic, go to System Utilities->Special Processing->System Prompt.
  3. Press enter at the blue screen.
  4. Click with your mouse in the next screen.
  5. Your cursor should be flashing at the Data prompt.
  6. Type rebuild   #PYX/e replacing      with your division number.
  7. You will receive the message "Rebuilding index".
  8. When the process is complete, you will receive the message "Rebuild successful".
  9. Type "Exit" at the DOS prompt.
10. Press Escape until you are returned to the main application menu.
11. Sign Off System and close the Classic Session Manager.

Reset the bank by changing bank field 7 'Check Run Status' from 'C' to 'N':

Program: PYL149

Switches: 20

Parameters: NO