Committing batches is processing slowly

Batches of 30-50 gifts (both Recurring and Non-Recurring) are taking 3-20 minutes to commit.

This is occurring because of the setting for generating Gift ID numbers.  The system is set at a very low number, which causes RE to start at the ID number specified, and loop through the list of IDs to find the next available open ID for each gift present in the batch. This search for the next available ID number for each gift is what is causing the delay. To modify this setting:
  1. Go to Config > Business Rules > Generate IDs
  2. Click on the Change Number button under the section "When generating ID numbers...."
  3. Change the number for the Gift record type to something much higher than what currently exists, such as 999999


 The Raiser's Edge 7.91.5056.10

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