Both the Core and Data must be copied to the new server to upgrade from Fundware 7.20 to Fundware 7.60.
To copy the needed Core files from the old server:
  1. Login to the Fundware 7.20 server.
  2. Stop all SQL services for Fundware
  3. Browse to the MSSQLData folder and copy the AFWCore_Data.mdf and AFWCore_Log.ldf files to the SQL database folder on the new server.
  4. Browse to the FundWare\Data folder and copy the 00SYU, 00SYP and 00SYM files (6 files total) to the Fundware\Data folder on the new server
  5. Login to the Fundware 7.60 server
  6. Attach the 7.20 AFWCore from the SQL Management Studio
  7. Run convert manually from the Fundware\Bin folder