1.  Have all users sign out of FundWare.

2.  Verify that you have a current backup of your division.

3.  In the menu bar, select File, select Open FundWare, select Division 00 System Administration, allow the business date to default to today's date, click OK.
The System Administration (00) Window will display.

4.  In the menu bar, select System Administration, and select System Utilities.
Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
     Program Name:             GLS106
     Switches:                 20
     Parameters:                  <blank>
     Business Date          Use today's date
     Division                      Select the appropriate division.
Click Run.

·     Select D to Display.
·     Press the Page Down button to get to field 2.
·     Select D to Display again
·     Enter the ID Type
·     Note the money types (Budget, Encumbrances, or Commitments) you have set to "post to" in field 6.

5.  Log into FundWare.

6.  Select General Ledger, select Maintenance, and select ID Type.

7.  Look at the Default Journals section on the first tab.  You must have a journal defined here for each money type that was set to Yes in the step above.  Note the journals that are used here.

8.  Go to General Ledger, select Maintenance, and select Journal.

9.  For each Journal to be used, verify the Posting Type on the General tab is set to the correct money type in the Posting Type field.

10.  While in the Journal Maintenance screen, verify that Data Entry is Allowed is selected in the Entry Security field.

If the error occurs while trying to roll forward, this could indicate there is no date table setup for the year.  Select General Ledger, select Maintenance,and select Date Tables.   Make sure there is a date table for the new fiscal year.  Add one if necessary.  For more info see the knowledgebase document called How to Add a Date Table.