1. Create a constituent query.
  2. On Criteria tab, select the field that you need to query on, such as:
    • Phones > Specific Phones > Email > Email Number
  3. For Operator, select contains
    • Note: If the field doesn't allow contains as an Operator (such as Primary Addressee/Primary Addressee Editable), output all records in the results and use Edit > Find to locate the records in the results.
  4. For Value, select the character or word you're trying to find. 
    • Note: If querying for a space, enter *[space]*. Query doesn't register a space bar alone, so it needs to be surrounded by wild card characters. See How to use wild cards for more information.
  5. On Output tab, select desired fields, such as:
    • Name
    • Constituent ID
    • Phones > Specific Phones > Email > Email Number
  6. The results will include all records that include the desired word or character in it. 
Note: If attempting to query on a wild card character, see How to query on constituents whose address contains wild card characters such as an asterisk (*), a percent sign (%), or a question mark (?)