FundWare does not currently have this capability.  However, there is a 3rd party product called EFT Transmittal from Accufund that can be used.  You can purchase this product by contacting your Client Sales Advocate. EFT Transmittal is part of the Advanced Printer Control (APC) Suite.

EFT Transmittal Overview:
The EFT Transmittal component of APC produces an electronic transmittal file using the NACHA format accepted by most banks for payment of vendors. The EFT Transmittal component watches for checks produced within Advanced Printer Control and can be configured to automatically print a remittance advice instead of a check.  

Basic Steps for Setup and Use of EFT Transmittal:
1.  In the Advanced Printer Control (APC) Form EFT Information tab (see instructions on page 3-19 of the 20 Pines manual), complete the transmittal information fields.  Transmittal information includes Immediate Destination Routing Numbers, Immediate Origin Routing Numbers, bank account numbers, etc.
2.  In Advanced Printer Control (APC) Form Security tab (see instructions on page 3-16 of the 20 Pines manual), enable check logging for each "check" to be transmitted to the bank by checking the Log box.  Checking the log option causes each use of the form to be logged.  You can view each log for detail of which vendors were paid.
3.  For those vendors that will be paid electronically, create a vendor in the APC Forms, Payee tab (see instructions on page 3-9 of the 20 Pines manual).  Unique vendor information with the vendor's bank routing information is on the EFT Information tab within each vendor setup screen.  You can set each vendor to EFT, Pre-Note EFT, or Check on this tab.
4.  As checks (including vendors set up for EFT Transmittal) are generated, the required information is recorded within Advanced Printer Control.  To generate the transmittal file, select the Generate EFT Transmittal program.  The EFT Transmittal program will prompt you to select the range of checks to be extracted into the EFT file, the EFT batch header information, and the file name output (export file).  Refer to APC instructions page 5-2 for complete details.  When the export is complete, you will have a report and an EFT transmittal file.
5.  These EFTs get logged using the control number as the eft number just like regular checks in FundWare.  A check run in Fundware can be a mixture of physical checks and EFT payments.  Utilizing APC's conditions for fields, certain fields can print when it is a check and others only print when it is an EFT.  Using this method you have one template that works for both checks and eft stubs.

Vendor Report:
For the vendor itself, you can print a "form" to support your EFT payments.  This "form" is similar to the check, with the same details you print on your checks.  In Advanced Printer Control, select Forms tab, select EFT Information tab, select Print Form for Any Generated EFT.

Invoice Reports:
You can create a reference that denotes obligations as paid via EFT.  Select this reference when reports are produced to identify those obligations paid via EFT.