Verify the check number and enter a unique check number for each vendor in the manual check run.  If the same check number needs to be assigned to different vendors, the current run can be posted and a new manual check run processed.

1.  From Accounts Payable, click Open.
2.  Mark the checkbox with the plus sign to the left of the bank folder.
3.  Click the New Manual Check folder. 
4.  Click New, select Existing, select the stage the obligation is current in, and click OK.
5.  Type in the obligation number or click the Obligation Selector to select the obligation number.
6.  Type in the check number.
7.  Click Apply to save and enter another obligation.
    - for the same vendor with the same or different check number
    - for a different vendor with a different check number
8.  Or click OK to save and close this screen.
9.  Click Post to log the manual check run.
10. Click OK on message, Batch was successfully posted.
11. Click OK on message, Logged checks successfully imported into Financial Institutions.
12. Click New to process another manual check run starting at step 4 above.