To troubleshoot a calculation that is not calculating at all or calculating incorrectly, use the PYCTNE.L##  - Calculation Trace Report (where ## is your division number).  This report presents, line by line, what the calculation is doing.  This report can be produced only when your checks are in the Net Pay Calculations folder (not yet produced) and for one employee at a time (for multiple employees, it must be produced singly for each individual employee).

How to produce the PYCTNE.L## - Calculation Trace report

1.    Have all users exit out of Payroll/Personnel Net Pay Calculations.
2.    Using the Modules bar or the Menu bar, select Payroll/Personnel, Processing, Check Processing, Calculation Trace Report.
3.    At the Calc Cycles prompt, enter the numbers of any cycles used when Calculate Net Pay was performed.  Separate multiple cycle numbers by a comma or a space.
4.    At the Data item prompt, enter the data item name of the calculation that is not working properly or press F1 and select it from the list.
5.    At the Item selection prompt, press Enter on 1.
6.    At the Data item prompt, enter .EMPLOYEE, or press F1 and select it from the list.
7.    At the First value and Last value prompt, press Ctrl Home (to clear the field) and enter the employee number for the employee you are producing the Calculation Trace Report for.
8.    At the Include/exclude prompt, press Enter to include.
9.    Press Esc and select E to E)nd.
10.   Press Enter to accept.
11.   If this report is filed for printing later, the name in Print Manager is PYCTNE.L## (where ## is your division number).

If the calculation you are troubleshooting is calculating correctly for some employees but not others, produce another calculation trace report for an employee that is calculating correctly, for comparison to the report for the employee that is not calculating correctly.

The Calculation Trace Report should also be produced for a calculation that appears to not be calculating at all.

If the report is produced and no PYCTNE.L## is created, verify that the proper Calc cycle has been entered.

If you are unable to interpret the results reported on the PYCTNE.L## - Calculation Trace Report, you need to Contact Support and reference this article. .

Assistance from FundWare Support for interpreting Calculation Trace Report results

FundWare Support needs the following, in order to assist you with troubleshooting a calculation that is not working correctly:

1.  PYCTNE.L## - Calculation trace report for employee not calculating correctly and for employee that is calculating correctly (if any).
2.  Payroll/Personnel Report Category Master Record Lists:
     a.  PYITEMH.L## - Historical Data Items List Detail for the above data item.
     b.  PYITEME.L## - Employee Data Items List Detail for any Employee Data Items used by the calculation .
     c.  PYLPYM.L## - Employee Master List Summary for the employee(s) the Calculation Trace Report was produced for.
3.  Payroll/Personnel Report Category Predefined Reports:
     a. PYEHSTP.L## - Employee History by Period for the employee(s) the Calculation Trace Report was produced for.
     b. At the Reporting Date prompt, enter the same date as the Business Date used for producing the Calculation Trace Report.
     c. At the Period prompt, select Y - Total through date specified.
     d.  Use the employee selector to produce this report only for the employees the Calculation Trace Report was produced for.
4. Email of fax the above reports to FundWare Support when you log your call.