Students can be transferred from one class section to another class section of the same course and retain grading information.  When students are dropped from one course and enrolled in another the grading information for the original course is deleted.

The grading information, such as graded marking columns, translation tables, credits and GPAs, can differ greatly from courses to course.  Therefore the grades do not transfer from one course to another.
  • To retain grades, withdraw the student from the course and enroll the student in the new course.  If the student is withdrawing from the school completely, to exclude the withdrawn students in queries on enrollment, change student's current status to reflect he's been withdrawn and add only current statuses to the Criteria tab of queries.
  • If the grading information is the same between the courses, before dropping the student, export the existing grades and import them into the new course.
  • To preserve the grades without preserving the enrollment, drop the student from the course and add grade(s) back as a historical grade.  This will allow the grade to be tracked without having to enroll the student in the class.
  • Track previous grades on the Notes tab of a student record:
    1. In Registrar's Office, open the student's record and select the Notes tab.
    2. Create a new Note and enter necessary information.
    3. Save and close the note.
  • Save the student's report card as a PDF prior to withdrawing them and attach the snapshot to the Media tab.