Posting year end balances logged in on a date in the current Fiscal Year does not adversely impact account balances. When performing the post, you are required to select the closing year end period and the system knows to post balances on the last day of the Fiscal Year. When viewing the trace report, the Business Date of the posting shows the last day of the Fiscal Year and results in a posted batch on that date in General Ledger.

Note: You are required to perform the rolling of the balances logged in on the last day of the Fiscal Year. Although the posting is correct if logged in on the current Fiscal Year, it is good practice to be logged in on the last day of the Fiscal Year when performing actions in Year End Processing.

There may be a problem with the posting if on an earlier version of FundWare, as some of the date behavior has changed. It should be fine if at 7.60.

Running a trial balance report for the beginning period of the new fiscal year will verify that all is correct - Profit and Loss accounts should not have a beginning balance and Balance Sheet Accounts will have the same beginning balance for the new year as they had at the end of the last year. The beginning balance figures can be verified against the closing balance figures of the fiscal year end.