Phase One: Locate the form being used on the World Wide Web

1. Go to the organization's website
2. Click the options to register
3. Once you arrive at the registration page, identify the "ievent=" number in the url.  Write that sequence down.
     a. You may want to leave this window open in order to see what items need to be updated on the Sphere form

Phase Two: Edit the form inside Sphere

1. Go to Communities > Forms: Registration
2. Hover over the form that needs to be edited, Click Website Info
3. Verify the "ievent=" sequence (found in the Web Address) matches the sequence from the url.  If it matches, you have the correct form.  If it does not match, you need to go back to the list of registration forms and select the correct one.
4. Click option 4, Form Customization
5. Click the Select button for Sphere Registration Entry, under the second box Sphere entry forms
6. Go through the custom fields and activate or deactivate what is appropriate and will match the online form
7. Once everything is updated, Click Save and Done
8. On the Webinfo Checklist, click the green button, Update your Event Now

Phase Three: Verify the change and enter information

1. To view the form and complete it through the back end, go to Communities > Forms: Registration
2. Hover over the form that needs to be completed, Click Bookkeeping
3. You may now enter a single registrant or multiple registrants through the back end with this updated form