1. Have all users log out of Fundware.
2. Log into System Administration (Division 00).
3. Click on Security, Users.
4. Select the Division where the report is trying to be produced in the drop down on the bottom of the page.
5. Click on Define User Security.
6. Press <C>hange.
7. Enter the user ID experiencing the error.
8. Immediately press 0 to accept.  This refreshes the 00SYP file.  The user should be able to process the report now.

If this does not resolve the problem then try rebuilding the 00SYP file with a \e.
1. Open the DOS prompt by clicking Start, Run and typing CMD.
2. Change to the Fundware/Data folder.
3. Type Rebuild 00SYP /e
4. Type exit to close the DOS prompt.