In System Utilities, Run Program Name:  PYL968, Switches: Blank,  Parameters: Blank.
Use the default Business Date and select your division, select Run.

A report, PYPYM.L## will be produced. If numbers are correct, the PYM Int and PYI Int columns will have the full SSN without masking.
The PYM Ext and PYI Ext columns will have a masked number.

These values are set when the conversion is run from an earlier Fundware version to 7.60.

If the conversion ran correctly, the Employee Data Item, .T TID will have an S - Value is tax id number in field 4, "Secure".
The conversion moves the previous SSN external value field as stored in the PYM employee master file to a masked field (XXX-XX-1234). This effectively secures the SSN field in Fundware as it is currently designed. The unmasked SSN is still stored in the internal value field in the PYM master file, which is what can be seen with pyl968.

If the pattern above is not what shows, contact Support for assistance.

Contact Support and reference this article.