This message most often occurs when the journal is set to manual balancing and the journal entry includes transactions that cross funds.

To correct, perform one of the following:

1.  In General Ledger, Maintenance, Journal, Select Journal Name.
2.  Select the ID Type tab.
3. Change Balancing from Manual to Automatic. The Due to/from will be created in the journal for you, if necessary.
(Verify all the General Ledger journals are set to Automatic Balancing.  Budget and Project Grant journals will be set to manual.)


Enter journal entry lines that put the journal in balance. If the Journal is set to manual, each fund must balance within itself.

1. In General Ledger, Journal Entries, New.
    a.  Enter transaction items within the same fund so that the Balancing totals are zero.
    b.  If the transaction items cross funds, enter transaction items for the interfund due to/due accounts with balances to cause the Balancing Totals
   to equal zero.