1. Create a new query
  2. Select the appropriate Query Type (Constituent, Gift, etc..)
  3. On the Criteria tab, expand the category of the record type you are searching on (Constituent Information, Gift Information, etc..) and select the appropriate criteria. Some of the useful options are:
  • Added By
  • Date Added
  • Date Last Changed
  • Last Changed By
  1. Select an Operator of equals and select the specific information you are looking for (user for Added By or Last Changed by, or date for Date Added or Date Last Changed By)
  2. Select any other fields to include the results on the Output tab (Note: If you just want to find who added or changed a record, add this information to the Output)
  3. Select the Results tab to view the results
These Properties (Date Last Changed or Last Change By [user]) are only updated when certain information on the record is saved - please see How to view the Date Last Changed and Last Changed By information for a record for the full list of the fields. 

For more information on how to use Query with the Raiser's Edge refer to getting started video below: