It is not possible to change the year that prints on the W2s.  This information is hard coded into the end of year release.  Contact your local IRS office to see if they can provide you with a W2 form from the year in question.  The W2 will need to be created manually.  If a terminated employee requests a W2 and the employer needs to provide it within 30 days of that request date, it will need to be created manually.

If all that is needed is the items and amounts that would appear on the W2's, the Employee History by Period report can be produced to give this information.
  • The report can be run for the year end date,
  • Select Period A - Total for year with beginning balances. (this is the same as Option T except for the beginning balances) This is the option used when verifying W2 amounts vs the payroll history.
  • Use the Employee Selector to specific certain employees.

If you have the opposite problem, where you want to print the last year and it is printing an earlier year (ie. you want to print 2011 and the form is showing 2009), that means you do not have the latest yesb download.  New downloads are put on the website on a yearly basis, so 2012 will not be available until the end of 2012.
This situation can surface if you had to reinstall an earlier version of FundWare or had restore issues. Reinstalling the year end download will correct the situation.

If trying to produce the W2 electronic file for a previous year:

1.  Make sure you save, or rename,  any files or reports created for your current year W2’s to some safe place so they are not lost or over written.
2.  Sign into FundWare with the year end date of the year you want to create the file for as the business date.
3.  Start the W2 process at the 1st step of extraction, and it will pull in the figures for that year instead of the current year amounts.  The  date of the year you are signed in with will be in the electronic file, W2REPORT.  This will be on the RE record in positions 3 through 6.

If you go through the W2 process with the prior year date and the date still reads as the current year, you could change this date by opening the W2REPORT in Word Pad and then submit it.