The vendor data in APC's EFT program is stored in the TPS files located in the APC folder. This data cannot be exported. New data can be imported into APC.
Imported data will need to be in a .CSV, .TXT or  .XLS file. The EFT vendor must exist in APC to be able to be imported into APC. 

Ensure that you have a backup of the *.TPS files from the APC folder before you start this procedure.
  1. Log into APC's Form Setup program.
  2. Ensure the vendor exists in APC on the Payees tab.
  3. Ensure your file has the correct vendor name, bank routing and bank account number information in it.
  4. Click on Import in the Payees window.
  5. Click Next on the first page of the Import Payee Wizard screen.
  6. Tell APC which file-type you are importing (CSV, TXT or Excel) and click Next.
  7. Provide the name of the source file to be imported and click Next.
  8. Select which fields from the available field on the left to import into APC and click Next.
  9. On the right side, tell APC which field in your source file contains the information being imported.
  10. Click Next to continue.
  11. Click Finish to import your data.
  12. Verify your data is correct by opening several vendors in APC.
  13. If they are incorrect, restore your *.tps files from backup.