Every time a task is performed on an obligation such as entry, transferring, marking for payment etc., the obligation is stamped with a date known as the Last Business Date. This date is to ensure that the obligation is processed in a chronological order. That is, you cannot pay an obligation before it is entered, or you can't void a check on a date before it was cut.

To find the last business date of an obligation:

      1.  In Windows FundWare, open Accounts Payable Inquiry
      2.  Select obligations as the Category
      3.  Run the selection criteria to bring up the obligation
      4.  Enter the obligation number and click Display
      5.  In the Obligation View Window, select the stage history tab
      6.  Select the current stage from the drop down box
      7.  The Last Posted Date is the last business date

Note: All processing on the obligation must be done on, or after, the Last Business Date.
Obligations can be processed on the most recent business date, or
obligations can be voided out of AP with the current business date and entered and processed with the date desired.