Before doing any of the steps below, make a FundWare division backup using Division Maintenance.
  1.  Log in to Division 00, System Administration and select Division Maintenance.
  2. Highlight the appropriate Division and click the Clear AP Flags button.
  3. Log back in to FundWare and verify if any issues still exist. 
If the user received the error log but did not notice any issues, or the issues still occur, continue below:
  1. Select System Utilities and run the following diagnostic override:
    Program: OTS970
    Switch: 1
    Parameter: none

    This report will show obligations with a status of Correctable or Purge. Obligations may show multiple times, with different statuses.  If an obligation ever has a status of Purge, it will be completely removed from the system if the program is run with a switch of 2.    Note this information for any obligations that will need to be re created. Depending on the situation, even if it says correctable, it may not correct the obligation in the right way.

NEVER run the ots970 program  with a switch of 2 unless the only items on the report are recent and you are willing to have to purge them. Sometimes it is the only option, but other times, especially when there is a lot on the report, it is better to leave things as they are.  Often there will be old obligations on the report that have already gone through reconciliation and in that case it is better to just leave them.

If something needs to be purged out, that can be done with another override.  Check with Support before using a switch of 2.

In conjunction with the above, run:

Program: OTS971
Switch: 1
Parameter: none

This report may have some of the same obligations on it that the ots970 does, and will sometimes say to purge the same obligation that the other report says is correctable.
A switch of 1 is for diagnostic purposes and does not change anything.