Check to see that the .tpl files (the templates) exist in the directory that you've specified as the Global or Local Template directory (depending on which type of templates you're currently using.) To see where FundWare is looking for your templates, within Print Manager, select File-Set Global Template (Form) Directory, or File-Set Local Template (Form) Directory.

If the .tpl files are not located in the specified directory, this is why they are missing in Print Manager.

1.  In Print Manager, select File, select Global Template Form directory.
2.  Select the directory here where the .tpl files are located.
3.  Complete the above steps for the Local Template directory.

Make sure the Mode is set to Windows Template Mode.

1.  In Print Manager, select Mode, and select Windows Template Mode.

If a user reports a problem in which the templates are missing each time they sign out of Windows, reset the users network profile.