1.  From the Prospects page, click Find External Properties and Businesses.
2.  The search allows you to enter any combination of the following: 

•  Last name or Organization name
•  First name
•  Nickname
•  Street address
•  Unit number
•  City
•  State
•  ZIP/Postal code

None of the fields are required, however, the more information provided, the better the results.

3.  In the Addresses to search section, you can select to search All addresses satisfying your criteria or Selected addresses. If you select Selected addresses, select the addresses you want included in the search.

Tip: By default, Prospect Quick Search matches search fields exactly. For example, if you enter “Jo” in the First name field, the search looks for first names spelled “Jo.” It does not consider Joe, or Joseph, or John as would the search functionality in other areas of the application. You can, however, use the * wildcard character when you are unsure of exact spelling. For example, you can enter “Jo*” or “Joh*” in the First name field and expect the search to include Joe/Joseph or John. In the address fields, use the * to designate a “like” statement. For example, 211* returns 211 San Remo Circle, 2110 San Remo Circle, 211 Main Street, 2110 First Street, and so on. 21*1* returns 211 Park Ave., 21541 Second Street, 2101 Water Street, and so on.

4.  Click Search. Any results display in the Real estate results grid.

Tip: In order to return search results as quickly as possible, we limit the number of records displayed to the first 100 - the order is based on the confidence rating, going from the highest to the lowest. If your search turns up more than 100 returns, change your search criteria to better filter the results. For example, if you entered just the Last name and state information for your first search, consider adding a first name or a city and rerunning the search.

The summary fields included in this grid are the confidence rating, owner name, property address, mailing address, and match type. The records are displayed based on the confidence rating, with the higher rated records displaying first.

5.  To view additional information, select the record in the grid for which you want to view details and click the address hyper link.

6.  If you want to add the selected result as a constituent record in your database, click Add constituent (located under the green double arrows in front of the record). If you are performing a search on a record already in ResearchPoint, you can add the result to the existing record by clicking Add to Constituent (located under the green double arrows in front of the record)

a.  Select the Last name, First name, and if necessary Middle name you want to use in the constituent record.

b.  Click Save. The new record is created with the selected address and name options and the Add an individual screen appears. From this screen you can complete the new constituent record, adding household and business information if necessary. 

c.  Click Save to complete the constituent record.