Quick Steps:
  1. In Marketing and Communications, click Add an appeal
  2. On the Mailings tab, click to Add a Mailing
  3. Click NEXT to continue to Step 2, Create your letters
    1. Enter the name of the letter or select 'Use previous letter' to use another letter in the database
    2. In the Letter recipients section, click Add
    3. Create a new constituents ad-hoc query or select from an existing selection
    4. Click Ok
    5. Click Continue
    6. In the Letter content, select how you want to send the letter: Mail, Email or Mail and Email 
    7. Click Add in write you letters content, if you did not select a previous letter
    8. In the content editor, write your letter
    9. Once the letter is complete, click OK
Note: If this is an E-Blast or Email Appeal, you must insert a Privacy Page and an Email Preferences page. To do this, click Insert/edit link. Then, select special page and select Webforms Privacy (Privacy Page) and Webforms Email Preferences (Email Preferences)
  1. Click Continue to add another letter or NEXT to proceed to Step 3, Finish Up
    1. Review the Summary information, then click Finish and Close
  2. Run the Mailing 
Also, check out this video for a start-to-finish guide on how to add and run an appeal mailing:

0:58 - Address Processing and Name Format Options
2:34 - Select constituents to include and exclude
3:08 - Create Letter and Email Content
6:43 - Download Mailing Output


Detailed Information: