1.  Create a Gift query:

  •    Gift Type equals Pledge

2.  Create a Gift export:

  • Click the Include button on the General tab
  • Choose Selected records and select your gift query

3.  For the Output:

  • Installments > Date (choose max. number of installments up to 99)
  • Installments > Amount
  • Installments > Balance
  • Installments > Payments > Date (choose how many payments per installment, typically 1 or 2 should be fine)
  • Include Constituent Name

4.  Export the information

If the 1st installment was paid, then it will show the date of the payment linked to that installment.  If the installment was not paid, the payment date column will be blank.  These columns will be repeated for each installment (and blank for all columns if they don't have as many installments).