The Reports use the ##OTO file to track obligation history. The ##OTO was added  to house the historical accounting distribution details of the obligations contained in AP.  They do provide more detail when trying to balance AP to GL. We previously have used the OTHIST report to compare AP detail to that found posted in GL. That report does not have account numbers on it, where these do.

The reports are Encumbrance by Fund and Accounts Payable by Fund, specifically designed for one client. They were made available to the full client base at 7.50, but in most cases will be of limited use.

The reports require a parameter setup, which is found at 7.50 and later under Accounts Payable, Encumbrance by Fund Report Parameter and AP by Fund Report Parameter. The format is very similar to GL reports where the user establishes an Id type, a break, and what dimensions they want to print on the report. There are also fields to show which obligation references to print on the report.  If the report is run and says "This report is currently unavailable" it means the Parameter has not been set up.  The Parameter setup is under P.O. Setup, Encumbrance by Fund Parameter, and AP by Fund Parameter.

OTENFUND Report - This shows obligations in the P.O. stage with what GL accounts were posted to and what dates the activity was on.
OTAPFUND Report - This shows the Fund Distribution for obligations that were posted with actual dollars (not encumbrances). It does not show expense accounts.