Blackbaud Application Hosting has implemented Windows Authentication as a security measure to protect your database.  FAWEB does not enforce password policies that meet traditional Internet security standards.  Windows Authentication allows Blackbaud Application Hosting to use the Hosting Password requirements, as well as, the automatic lock out and expiration policies to help protect your database from malicious attacks.  

If you use Online Campus Community:
  • Have users enter their Hosting Credentials when accessing FAWEB (they will not be prompted for FAWEB credentials) or perform the following:
  • Contact Support and reference this article. 

  NOTE:  It is possible to disable Windows Authentication, but please review the risks as outlined below:
  • FAWEB doesn't have built in Password policies that meets security standards
  • We have implemented Windows Authentication in Hosting to protect access to your database with traditional security standards
  • Windows Authentication allows for Password Complexity, password expiration, and automatic lockout when an unauthorized user tries to log in more than 5 times.  These are now implemented in FAWEB
If you prefer to disable Windows Authentication, please indicate this request by creating a case. Please Click Chat with Support and reference this article.