Error: The request is missing one or more required fields (billTo_street1, billTo_city, billTo_country)

When processing a batch of credit card transactions via Raiser's Edge batch, a rejection code is received of: "Not Processed".  In BBMS, the transactions appear with results of: "The request is missing one or more required fields (billTo_street1, billTo_city, billTo_country).".  AVS level in Config > Business Rules > Merchant Accounts are set to 'None'.

The Country field of the preferred address on the constituent's record will need to be populated with a valid country.
Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Download and install the latest update from our website.
  2. Make sure that the constituents in the batch each have a Preferred Address on their Constituent record
  3. Ensure that the Preferred Addresses have the Country field populated
  4. In Config > International, open each country that could be populated on constituent records whose credit cards are being processed via Batch.  Make sure that the ISO Country field is populated with the appropriate country. Save and Close the country (even if no changes were made).
  5. In Config > International, ensure that each country code has the correct corresponding address block selected.  Each country has specific required address fields which will need to be included in the address block on the country's record.  Note: If the country is not listed in the drop-down list in step 3, select a country with a similar format and adjust the address block using the arrows and buttons at the bottom of the screen.



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