To modify the check format go to Setup, Check Formats:

1. Select C for Change.
2. Enter the name of the bank you want to modify the checks for.
3. Note the stub detail lines listed in field 2 under Detail line options.
4. If there are blank lines on the check stub, reduce the number listed in field 2 accordingly.
5. Press Esc and C for Change again.
6. For field to be changed select 5. Press Enter.
7. In the Form detail field, adjust the line and columns (as necessary) for the information printed on the check.
8. When done, press 0 to accept your changes. Press Esc and E for End.

Note: If your checks have not been logged, you can reset your payroll run to a pre-cut status in order to produce another check file with the correct alignment:
  1. In Division 00 - System Administration, System Utilities, run Program PYL935, N, N.
  2.  Press Enter through the seq number.
  3. After running this program you can produce a new check file. If checks are logged, you need to void the payroll run and start the pay cycle over.