Verify a backup of your division has been made and all users are signed out of FundWare prior to completing these steps.

  1.  Enter the following :

         Program name:       CST228
         Switches:                  20
         Parameters:            GLS
     2.     Click Run

          1.  Select C to Change.
          2.  At ID Type, type the ID Type.
          3.  At Year End Date , type the fiscal year end date.
          4.  At Enter field to be changed, type 1 and press enter.
          5.  Select A to Add.
          6.   At Add type, type A and press enter.  Repeat this step for each adjustment period you want to add (up to 4).
          7.  Select E to End.

Note: If you have multiple ID types with the same Fiscal Year end, you should add the same adjustment periods to each ID type.
They do not need to be used even when they exist.