Since the changes below alter the check format, it is suggested you create a test division, make the changes, process a payroll and print the checks out on blank paper to verify the new setup lines up with your checks. Each time a change is made to the format, a new check file needs to be created to see the new format.  The steps below can be completed multiple times until the desired format is created.
Once you know the correct number for the stub detail lines, you can make the same changes in your live division.
  1. From Payroll, click on Setup, click on Check Format.
  2. Type C to Change.
  3. Type in the bank, or press F1 to select the bank, press Enter.
  4. Type 2 for field to be changed, press Enter.
  5. Change the Stub dtl lines to desired amount, press Enter twice.
  6. Press Enter to accept the change.
  7. Press ESC, type in E to End