Raiser's Edge and ResearchPoint is integrated:
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information. 

Raiser's Edge and ResearchPoint are not integrated:
1. Export the Research List (BB618152) in ResearchPoint with the field that has The Raiser's Edge ID in it.

Note: If Blackbaud created the ResearchPoint database with a project where data was exported from Raiser's Edge, this information is usually the Lookup ID in ResearchPoint. You can verify this by opening a Prospect Record and looking at the top of the record at the Lookup ID and comparing that ID to the Raiser's Edge Constituent ID.

2. Open the export in Excel and rename the header of the Lookup ID to ConsID.
3. Go into Raiser's Edge to Admin > Import > Constituent > New Constituent Import.
4. Choose to Update Existing Records and check the box to "Validate Data Only"
5. Insert your file that was exported from ResearchPoint and modified in step 2.
6. Use the Constituent ID as the Unique identifier.
7. Make sure the column is mapped on the Fields tab of the import.
      - There will be a Field to Import and a corresponding Raiser's Edge field on the right side of the window.
8. Check the box to create an output query of records on the Summary tab. 
9. Choose Validate Data in the bottom right.
10. Save the query when prompted.

The research group is now in Raiser's Edge as a static output query and can be used for mailing, solicitor lists, etc.