Create a transaction list report filtered for specific Billing Items. On the Format Tab sort, break, and count by Billing item:
  1. Create a new Transaction List report.
  2. On the General tab choose the options that best suit your scenario.  If you are interested in charges only, only mark Charges in the Include these transaction types: section.
  3. If the billing item is set up to be used on all dates or two items are used during the academic year, enter a date range in the Include transactions with these dates: section.
  4. On the Filters tab, select the appropriate filters.  For example, select the Product and Billing Items for specific billings items with valid dates for the year.
  5. Select the Format tab and highlight Sort/Break on the left.
  6. In the right-hand panel, select Current Grade as the first sort option.
  7. In the next row, select Billing item, as the second sort option and mark the  Break? checkbox.  This will enable the options at the bottom of this panel.
  8. Mark the checkbox to Print count per billing item.
  9. Click Preview.