Follow the steps below:

1.  Create a project in Visual Studio
2.  Add a Page Definition Spec
3.  Make the necessary changes to the Spec to accomplish adding the report (sample code follows)
4.  Build Project
5.  Move project.dll to the vroot/bin folder on your server
6.  Navigate in BBEC to Administration => Catalog Browser
7.  Filter for your new .dll
8.  Load Item
9.  Refresh Shell Design from the Tools Menu

 <PageHeader Caption="Constituent Page" ImageKey="REPLACE_WITH_IMAGEKEY" />
 <!--The PageID comes from the view XML of the page that you want to alter-->
 <AlterPage PageID="88159265-2b7e-4c7b-82a2-119d01ecd40f">
 <!--The PageActionGroupID comes from the view XML of the page-->
 <AlterPageActionGroup PageActionGroupID="0ec816f4-a3e6-4905-b16a-171c6ea88e94" >
 <!--Sequence number is where you want to place it on the page-->
 <AddAction Sequence="999">
 <!--The Action ID is the new id from the Page Definition Spec-->
 <Action ID="2192c52d-d846-4e5d-99d5-1e21e75796a0" Caption="New Report" >
 <!--The PageID is the report from the view XML on the report-->
 <common:ShowPage PageID="c8b3151b-d53a-4581-af5a-e14ac2ad6307" >