1.  In Excel, Select Add-Ins
2.  Select F9 Tools,  F9 Server
3.  Select Security from the Toolbar
4.  Enter the User Code and Password
5.  Mark the checkbox 'Display at F9 Startup'
6.  Click OK 

If you have marked the checkbox 'Display at F9 Startup'  and the login screen flashes and disappears, sometimes we see this happening when Excel is set to full screen (instead of a smaller window).  The login screen comes up but the Excel window immediately takes back the screen.  The login screen isn't gone, however, it is simply hidden behind the Excel window.  You can either minimize the Excel window to see the login screen or you can click the box that says FundWare Security on the bottom window bar to bring up the F9 login screen.

This integration is now supported by Infor. Questions regarding resources, functionality, or troubleshooting with the F9 solution can be directed to Infor Support.