There is not a way to correct the existing batches that have the same trace number.  You must make internal notes stating this issue to assist with audits.

Set the trace number to correct next batch number:
  1. Select File, Open FundWare, Select Division 00 System Administration
  2. Allow the business date to default to today's date and Click OK.
  3. Select System Administration, System Utilities.
  4. Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
         Program Name            CST206
         Switches                        20
         Parameters                  <leave blank>
         Business Date             Use today's date
         Division                       Select the appropriate division.
  5. Click Run. 
  6. Type 'C' to Change.
  7. Type 2 to change field 2 and press ENTER.
  8. Set the Next Batch to the next batch number that should be used.  (You may need to review The General Ledger to find the last trace batch number used).
  9. Type 0 to accept the changes.
  10. Type 'E' to End.