If an address is deleted from one of the databases and it is linked to an address in the other database that is not marked as the record's Primary/Preferred address, then Synchronization will delete the address from the linked record in the other database. 

For example:  If an address is deleted from an Individual record in The Education Edge, the address will be deleted from the linked Constituent record in The Raiser's Edge when Synchronization is run (only if the address is not marked as the Preferred address in The Raiser's Edge - Synchronization will not delete Primary/Preferred addresses).

To view which user deleted the record from within The Financial Edge or The Education Edge:
1. Navigate to Records and select the appropriate record type
2. Open the appropriate record
3. Select the History of Changes tab
4. Locate the row with <Address deleted> in the New Setting column.  The Changed By column will list which user deleted the address (whether it was a specific user or the Integration User)