In order to recover the edited invoices, you will need to restore the deleted user's profile. Please note the following steps:

1. While on the server, run a command prompt by going to Start, Run..., and typing in 'cmd'. Click OK.
2. In the dos screen after the path, type >osql -E (press Enter)
    1>use afwcore (press Enter)
    2>update cn_user (press Enter)
    3>set status=1 where userID=## (where ## is the deleted user's old ID number) (Press Enter)
    4>go (Press Enter)
You receive a message stating (1 row affected)
    1>exit (Press Enter)
  1. After running this script, log into System Administration - Division 00 as the Administrator in FundWare (i/e user: 101 pwd: pcfund).
  2. When logged in with this profile, check Security to confirm the user is back in the list of active users.
  3. Open the deleted user's profile and confirm their workgroup associations.
  4. After checking the workgroup/division associations, log back into Accounts Payable as the deleted user and the invoices that were entered before the user's profile was deleted appear.