Part 1: Create a query of payers

  1. Create a record query
  2. On the Criteria tab, select: Payer responsible for greater than 0.
    And select Relation billing status equals Active.
  3. On the Output and Sort tabs select the appropriate fields to identify the Payers.
  4. Click Run to run the query.
Part 2: Create an Individual export
  1. Create an Individual export 
  2. On the Filters tab, select the query from Part 1. 
  3. On the Output tab, select Addresses, Contact Information, Contact number.
  4. Enter the number of addresses to export and click OK.
  5. Enter the number of contact information entries and click OK. Note: Depending on the number of contact numbers on a record, enter the appropriate number to include email addresses.
  6. Select any appropriate Output fields, for example First name and Last name.
  7. Click Export Now.