Fully applied payment does not wash out of the unapplied payment account

When applying, unapplying, and subsequently reapplying payments to charges, the debits and credits to the unapplied payment account do not zero out.

Prior to 7.78, when an application was unapplied, the amounts were not put back into the suspense account.
Now, when you unapply, the amount is placed into the suspense account.
When you apply again, amount is removed from the suspense account.
Therefore, when you unapplied prior to 7.78 and applied after 7.78, you would have an amount in the suspense account. 

To correct, make manual journal entries to remove the amounts from the Suspense account and the A/R summary account.

Contact Support and reference this article. 


 7.82.104, patch 7

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