To access this page, the user must be linked to an individual constituent record and have a fundraiser constituency.

To set this up for a Development Officer:
  1. Login to ResearchPoint with Prospect Research Manager permission and add the staff as users to the database.
  2. Create a record for your development officer and prospect researcher in the database.
  3. Give the Fundraiser constituency (BB702982) to the record for staff in ResearchPoint.
  4. From the Tasks menu (on the left-hand side of the record), select “Edit Link To User”. This step links the prospect record to the ResearchPoint user account; necessary for tracking requests and future notifications.
To use this process for the Gift Officer and the Researcher:
  1. Gift Officer determines they need additional research data for a specific prospect and uses the Add a Prospect Research Request tool included in Prospects and submits their request for information about the prospect.
  2. After submitting the request, the gift officer tracks the request activity from the My Fundraiser Page area (also under Prospects). From this page, they can access their research request record, edit or cancel the existing request, or add a new research request.
  3. The Researcher tracks, prioritizes, assigns, and generally manages prospect research requests from Research Request Management page.
  4. Once the research is complete and ready for the gift officer, the Researcher designates it “Complete” from the Research Request Management page. This designation is reflected on the Research Requests tab of the fundraiser(s) who submitted and requested the data.