1.  Verify all users are signed out of Payroll/Personnel and you have a current backup of your division.
2.  From division 00 - System Administration, select System Administration, System Utilities. 

     Execute Program

          Program Name:             PYL149
          Switches:                        20
          Parameters:                  <blank>
          Business Date:             Use today's date
          Division:                         Select the appropriate division.

     Click Run

     a.  Select C to Change.
     b.  At the Bank prompt, enter the Use ID of your Payroll/Personnel bank.
     c.  At Enter field to be changed, type 7 and press Enter.
     d. Change the check run status to 'N'. Press Enter.
     e. Press 0 to accept, Esc, and E)nd.

3. Log back into Payroll and post timecards.