1.  Open FundWare in Division 00, System Administration, using the current date.
2.  In the menu bar, select System Administration, System Utilities.
3.  Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
     Program Name            GLS117 (PGS117 if ID is Project Grant)
     Switches                <leave blank>
     Parameters              <leave blank>
     Business Date           Use today's date
     Division                Select the appropriate division.
     Click Run.
4.  Enter your ID Type and press Enter
5.  A sample of your account structure is now displayed. 

Using the sample, enter the number of the dimension which indicates your Fund, Department, and Object. (If the ID is for Project Grant, enter the dimension which indicates your Project, Grant and Object.) Enter spaces, dashes or other separators that will display in the report. 

For example, your account structure is AFFF DD-S GGGGG.g where FFF is your Fund, DD is your Department, S is your Sub-department, and GGGGG.g is your Account or Object dimension and Sub-Object dimension.  Your account will be displayed as A001 02-3 44444.5 . 

Complete your screen as follows:
Fund          1
Department    2-3
Object        4.5

6.  Press Enter to say the entries are correct.

Run some sample reports to ensure your accounts are displayed correctly.  If not, complete steps 1-6, making any necessary edits.