1. Use queries with the export to break the process down into a series of smaller exports so that the file size is under the size allocation limit for the Files folder. 
  2. Log into the Hosting site as the affected user
  3. Access the Files Folder
  4. Either download the files to your local computer or delete files directly from the Files Folder

If the above steps do not resolve the issue and the size of the export continues to exceed the data size limit for the Blackbaud Hosting Services files folder, increase the Files folder allocation.

If the export file size does not exceed the data size limit for the Blackbaud Hosting Servies files folder, refer to the following information to further troubleshoot the issue:

Records are missing or incorrect records are exporting (BB333632)

Number of records in query do not match the number of records exported in The Raiser's Edge 7 (BB73526)