?Note: The resolution is different if the error is received in Saved, Memorized, or Imported Journal Entries.

The issue can be resolved by renaming the ##CSY files and running program CST900 (where ## is the appropriate division number).

Rename the ##CSY files:

     1.  Launch Windows Explorer.
     2.  Browse to FundWare\Data.
     3.  Locate ##CSY and ##CSY.idx (where ## is the appropriate division number).
     4.  Rename the files to save them.  You can rename them to ##CSYOLD and ##CYSOLD.IDX

Run the CST900 program:

  1. Select File, select Open Fundware, select Division 00 System Administration, allow the business date to default to today's date.  Click OK.  The System Administration (00) Window will display.
  2. Select System Administration, select System Utilities.  Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:

               Program Name             CST900
               Switches                     <blank>
               Parameters                  CST902
               Business Date             Use today's date
               Division                        Select the appropriate division

  1. Click Run.
  2. Select the ID Type and press ENTER.
  3. Press Y for Are Your Entries Correct 
If the above program does not resolve the error, run a reorg on the division's ##cs* files to determine if there are any errors on the files that might be causing the error.
If this does not resolve the error, contact FundWare support for further troubleshooting.