Remit to address is not printing on customer statements, invoices, or invoice receipts

When printing customer statements, invoices, or invoice receipts, the remit to address is not printing and is replaced with a generic address block.

1. Go into the FundWare\Data\Reports folder
2. Open up statement_remit.rtf, place an address in this file, save it.
3. Go into Report manager>AR Reports, Invoices/Statements/Aging.
4. Produce a customer statement for any customer, check box to 'Print Zero Balance Statements w/Activity'
5. Note that even though we have an address in the .rtf file, it is still printing a generic address block.

To workaround this until a more permanent solution is found:
It appears that the statement is hard-coded to look for the rtf file under C:\fundware\data\reports.
If your AR reports are under another drive, try setting up a few new folders on the C drive. fundware\data\reports. Then copy the rtf file from wherever it is to C under the Reports folder. This will leave the AR rtf files in both places. 

Hot Fix 329631 is in QA and is planned for release mid-May. This will correct the Statement so the address will print wherever the rtf file is located.

If this does not correct your issue, please contact Support for additional assistance.

The items above may apply to invoices and receipts as well as statements, but each has its own rtf file.


 FundWare version 7.60

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