By design, the Summary Information fields in a Constituent Query will not combine the total giving of two Constituent Records.

Alternative Solution:

Create a Constituent Query that will group your constituent donors and outputting separately, both the primary constituents and their spouses' individual total giving.

  1. Create a Constituent Query.
  2. On the Criteria tab in the Available Fields, open Spouse>Spouse Information, and select Name, setting the operator to "Not Blank". Click OK.
  3. Under Gifts, select Gift Amount and set the operator to "Greater than or equal to" $1.00. Click OK.
  4. On the Output Tab, select the following Output fields:
    - Spouse Name
    - Constituent Name
    - Spouse Constituent ID
    - Total Amount of Gifts
  5. Select your desired fields for sorting on the Sort Tab and run the query.