A reorg should be done through filemaint.exe on the ##pyx and ##pyy. The number of data  records must be noted prior to and after the reorg. The missing employee may show up again.Be sure to back up the files prior to reorg, as if there are any problems they will need to be restored and other file repair steps taken.

Make sure to calculate and print another preliminary register to know whether the situation improved or worsened. Sometimes everything that should be there is back.

It should also be noted if a trace report was generated on the first timesheet posting for the missing employee. If a timesheet is entered again, a general journal entry will need to be made or the 2nd journal reversed.

If the issue involves only a few employees, and they are still not there after repairing the file, the timesheet can be reentered.

A division backup should be made prior to logging the checks, as chances of an error are high if there were any problems in reorging the files.

Once the payroll is logged, the client should delete the 8 processing files prior to starting the next payroll. (##pya, ##pya.idx, ##pyw, ##pyw.idx, ##pyx, ##pyx.idx,##pyy, and ##pyy.idx)
This will insure that they are starting with clean files.

If there are any questions with the above procedures or  you are not familiar with them, please contact the Support Department for assistance.