How do I start the budget forecasting process?
The budget cycle is started in Classic Budget Forecast, Processing, Pull Actual Amounts.  You must have a date table set up for the year (General Ledger, Maintenance, Date Tables)

What are the From Dates and To Dates?
The date range called From date is the date range of actual account balances you are pulling from the Financial Reporting System. The determining factor in what to enter in From date is deciding what actual amounts you want to look at on Budget Forecasting reports.  The date range called To date is the range of dates for which you are preparing a budget.  Both date ranges are entered in the PROCESSING, PULL ACTUAL AMOUNTS task but they influence almost every task.  Note:  The To date defines the periods where your budget will post to (it is not controlled by the business date).

Where do I set up my accounts in Budget Forecasting?
When the PULL ACTUAL AMOUNTS task is executed the account numbers, descriptions, and actual amounts for the accounts selected are pulled into Budget Forecasting.  New accounts may also be added using CLASSIC BUDGET FORECASTING, MAINTENANCE, DEFINE BUDGET ACCOUNTS.

How are accounts synchronized between Budget Forecasting and the General Ledger Financial Reporting System?
New accounts defined in Budget Forecasting may be automatically added to the General Ledger FRS during the POST function.

What's the difference between POST and POST NET?
The POST function posts the distribution amounts to the General Ledger FRS using the dates created by the distribution periods.  If an account already has a budget balance in the FRS for a distribution period's fiscal period, the distribution amount is added to the existing FRS amount.  The POST NET function posts the difference between the distribution amounts and the actual budget amounts that exist in the FRS for each distribution period.  In most cases, this is the preferred option to use.  The Budget Forecasting module automatically calculates the net amount to be posted.

My budget is posted double.  How can I correct this?
Use the POST NET function.  It will update the General Ledger FRS to match the Budget Forecasting revision posted.

I started my budgeting before the end of my actual fiscal year.  Can I update my Budget Forecasting reports to reflect this?
Use the PROCESSING, PULL ACTUAL AMOUNTS, Run option R-Repull Budget function if you have already pulled budget information from your FRS, but now need to update the budget system with the current account balances.  For the accounts selected, the repull option deletes budget information in revision one and pulls in the most recent account balances from the FRS.  Repull does not allow you to re-enter the To Date range.

When I enter my To Date it changes from the first day of the month to the last day of the month.
The system defaults this date to the last day of the fiscal period.  You will be creating only one trace report during that fiscal period, and the day it posts is not critical.

Do I need to purge the prior year budget before I start the next year?
It is not necessary to purge because the PULL ACTUAL AMOUNTS will clear all prior revisions.

How can I verify the current status of my Budget Forecasting Work-In-Progress?
Field 5 in Inquiry, Budget Parameter shows the current status of the revision listed.  It also indicates the From date and To date.  Remember, this To date controls where the distributed budget will post.

My To date is incorrect.  Can I change this without using PULL ACTUAL AMOUNTS (which will delete all my revisions)?
In the menu bar, select File, Open Fundware, Select Division 00 System Administration, Allow the business date to default to today's date, Click OK.  The System Administration (00) Window will display.
Select System Utilities.  Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
          Program Name            BUD006
          Switches                20
          Parameters              <BLANK>    
          Business Date           Use today's date
          Division                Select the appropriate division.
          Click Run.
Change the To Date in field 5.  Fundware does not recommend changing other system information in this field.

My prior year budget only needs a few changes to be ready to post to this year.  Is there an easy way to do this?
Yes, use the override above to change the To date.

I posted the budget and did not get any trace report.  Why?
(1)     Verify that the budget has been distributed by reviewing the Inquiry, Budget Parameter or in Inquiry, Budget Accounts Field 7.
(2)     If you have posted net, there may not be any changes to be posted from the specified revision.

My General Ledger FRS budget amounts don't agree to the Budget Forecasting reports.
Run a Ledgr or Acdtl General Ledger report using the report type B-Budget.  This will help you identify all trace reports posted to the Budget bucket.

Can I reverse a budget trace report?
Yes, it can be reversed using the General Ledger Reverse Journal Entry feature.  The Target Per Type should be set to Budget on this screen.

How can I make a quick change to an account's revision amount or distributed amount?
This can be done in Budget Forecasting, Maintenance, Define Budget Accounts, Change fields 6 and 7.

What reports should I run?
There are many reports available in the Budget Forecasting module.  You may find these three most useful:
(1)     REWRK Revenue and Expense Worksheet - Reports revenue and expense budget accounts for one revision in a worksheet format.  The default columns are:  Net for Year, Budget for Year, Actual, Estimated thru Projected, Selected revision, and a blank column for your comments.
(2)     REREV Revenue and Expense Worksheet - Reports revenue and expense budget accounts for up to 5 concurrent revisions.  The default columns are the selected revision and the four revisions down.
(3)     BDIST Budget Distribution - Lists all distribution periods and amounts for selected budget accounts.

We created our budget in Excel and it's ready to key.  Do I have to use the Budget Forecasting module?
You can key or import budget entries directly into General Ledger FRS.  Use a journal control defined as budget, such as BDGTA.  Consider setting up a manual journal entry as a recurring entry so it can be edited and posted to each of your periods.

Can I post entries from both the Budget Forecasting module and manually in the General Ledger module?
Yes, but manual General Ledger entries will not be reflected on reports produced in the Budget Forecasting module.

Can I have budgets for multiple years in the Budget Forecasting module?
Technically, no.  When you start a new budget cycle with PULL ACTUAL AMOUNTS you set all revisions back to zero.  You could artificially manipulate your To date or have multiple sets of ##bu* data files.  However, since revision numbers cannot be titled and artificially manipulating your parameter does not provide accurate system information or solid audit trail, Blackbaud Fundware Support will be unable to assist you in sorting out what's where.