If you are receiving this error when previewing a Custom Report in the Blackbaud application, open the report in the Crystal Reports program to view the error. When you click OK on the error message, the formula containing the issue will open for you.

Examples of when this would occur:
  • {Field} = "12a"
  • {Field} = ""
  • {Field} = "John Smith"
The formula is: toNumber({Field})

If you get this error try changing the formula to one of the following:
  • If isNumeric({Field}) then toNumber({Field})
  • If NumericText({Field}) then toNumber({Field}) else 0
  • Val({Field})
If the error is being caused by a NULL value in the field then the following is suggested:
  • if NOT(isNull({Field})) and isNumeric({Field}) then toNumber({Field})

Further troubleshooting steps:

For example, you have the following formula: ToNumber(Mid({CnBio_Constit_Code}, 4, 2))
Edit the formula to show you what the CnBio_Constit_Code value would be before converting it to a number: Mid({CnBio_Constit_Code}, 4, 2)
When you preview the report, look at the formula value for each record. You will find one that does not have a numerical value. Then, you can adjust the CnBio_Constit_Code that is provided to the report or adjust