Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue:

1. Review the Verification Report (PYTCARD). Scroll to the bottom of the report to see if there were any exceptions or errors during the verification process.

2. Post using Program PYL221, N, N.
Note: for data item select .employee and enter through the default settings.
  1. Log into System Administration > System Utilities.
  2. Enter Program Name PYL221.
  3. Leave Switches and Parameters Blank.
  4. Leave Default Date.
  5. Select the Division where Payroll is being produced.
3. Browse to the Fundware/Data folder on the server and change the ##PYA files to ##PYAold and post again.

After the posting and payroll run is complete, delete the PYA, PYW, PYX, and PYY files.