If the report field {report_field} has a single value (ex: John Smith):
  1. Set up a conditional suppression on desired sections using a formula like : not({report_field} in {?Parameter})
If the report field {report_field} contains multiple values (ex: John Smith, Jane Smith):
  1. Create a multiple field parameter (ex: {?MultiParameter}) in report
  2. Drag and drop the new multiple parameter field to the Report Header section of the report
  3. Set up a Record Selection formula using the Select Expert, like below: 
  4. WhileReadingRecords;
    BooleanVar Show;
    NumberVar i;
    For i := 1 to Ubound({?MultiParameter}) Do
       if (i = 1) or (i = 2 and Show = False) then
           if InStr({report_field},{?MultiParameter}[i]) <> 0 then
              Show := True
              Show := False
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